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Corrodyne Coating has an in built capacity of 180 metric tons of sheet metal parts and 500 metric tons of fasteners per month.Starting with part with pretreatment of the part followed by coating, anti corrsion coating ,curing and Quality checks including visual Inspection before dispatch.


Pre-Treatment of parts in a series of chemical baths to achieve a clean surface and prepare it for the paint deposition. For some parts this process is also done by means of shot peening.

Centrifuge Dip Spin

Centrifuge Dip Spin is done primarily by centrifugal dip and spin method to achieve uniform deposition and the controlled use of costly paint. A spray method is also employed for certain parts. All zinc flake coatings require multiple paint layers, individually cured to achieve the specified thickness, adhesion and protective life against corrosion.

Conveyor Curing Oven

Curing is conducted in conveyor ovens and in some cases in batch ovens to achieve optimal adhesion and acceptable aesthetics

NOTE : Any embrittlement occurring during the chemical cleaning process is totally neutralized during the curing process.

* Corrodyne employs all standard quality checks, both in process and at finish, to meet its QA obligations. This includes visual inspection of certain notched and highly configured parts.

What We Offer

We offer high quality, competitively priced and timely services in the application of MAGNI zinc flake, chrome free, thin film coatings specifically engineered to give extended time protection on metal parts.