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Welcome to CORRODYNE COATINGS, established in 2012. We are an ISO 9000:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified operation. The company is a licensed applicator of MAGNI, eco-friendly, coating products and has a technical support agreement with MAGNI (India) , the wholly owned subsidiary of the MAGNI Group , based in Detroit, USA.

The MISSION at CORRODYNE is to reduce the impact of pollution on the environment by conducting our work with great care and the use of eco-friendly raw materials, which are non-carcinogenic, zero-chrome coatings, primarily made for auto parts.

Our VISION is to place our more than ten-year-old work experience at the disposal of customers, implemented in a quality assured process and at an acceptable price point. Primarily, to promote the use of these zero chromes, non-carcinogenic, zinc-flake coatings in preference to other less costly but short lived and polluting finishes. Leaving it to the customer to make an informed choice after weighing the PRICE-PERFORMANCE equation, as it relates to the industry.

We offer high quality, competitively priced and timely services in the application of MAGNI zinc flake, chrome free, thin film coatings specifically engineered to give extended time protection against CORROSION, on metal parts used in various industries.

The company has a built-in capacity to process 600 mt per month of automobile parts, pictured above.

The MAGNI coating process can deliver benefits over and above its primary purpose (Protection from corrosion). These are:

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MAGNI coatings are also recommended for auto parts, shown below

Special Parts

CORRODYNE can implement processing of products shown below

Brake Rotors and Calipers

Muffler Assembly

Fuel Tanks


Process Lines At Our Plants

We provide high standard of services in the metal finishing business.

of parts in a series of chemical baths to achieve a clean surface and prepare it for the paint deposition. For some parts this process is also done by means of shot peening.

is done primarily by centrifugal dip and spin method to achieve uniform deposition and the controlled use of costly paint. A spray method is also employed for certain parts. All zinc flake coatings require multiple paint layers, individually cured to achieve the specified thickness, adhesion and protective life against corrosion.

is conducted in conveyor ovens and in some cases in batch ovens to achieve optimal adhesion and acceptable aesthetics.

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